Our five senses

are our embodied mechanism for navigating our environment, the mechanism that helps us relate to our surroundings, and our memories.

We remember through sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The senses condition our everyday experiences and define the high points of our daily lives. It is an area of the human experience that has been overlooked by experience makers.

Focusing on holistically sensory experiences, we will transform the way cultural happenings are conducted. It will mean a more anthropocentric and inclusive approach for the creative and cultural sectors. It will signify at the same time a better understanding of the interconnectivity of body and mind through heightening the senses.

About the project_ SENSin_

SENSin is an innovation lab that will target transnational symbiotic collaborations and audience engagement through exploring holistically the senses. The project will involve conceptual investigation into enhancing audience experiences along with developing specific methodologies on creative collaborations and communication of artistic purpose.

The Creative & Cultural sectors have taken a hit for the past year and a half. With this project, we want to assist in the resilience effort by bringing an attitude towards creativity and reinforcing exploration and experimentation in transnational and transcultural collaborations. We are proposing a project that will benefit both the creatively distant audiences and the creatives/culture professionals.

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