SENSin is an innovation lab that will target transnational symbiotic collaborations and audience engagement through exploring holistically the senses. The project will involve conceptual investigation into enhancing audience experiences along with developing specific methodologies on creative collaborations and communication of artistic purpose.

The Creative & Cultural sectors have taken a hit for the past year and a half. With this project, we want to assist in the resilience effort by bringing an attitude towards creativity and reinforcing exploration and experimentation in transnational and transcultural collaborations. We are proposing a project that will benefit both the creatively distant audiences and the creatives/culture professionals.

At the same time, we will engage with inclusion practices, thus revolutionizing experiences from a sensory perspective. We are implementing a project that focuses on engaging audiences in a wider spectrum by bringing in the foreground inclusion for people with sensory disabilities.

Innovation practices will lie within the subject of the senses with the consortium partners exploring the possibilities of experiences focusing on understanding the basic human senses and their enhancement within a multi-sensory cultural experience.

Within this project we will prioritize wider Audience engagement, establishing Sustainability practices for cultural/ creative projects, and reaching an international dimension through this collaboration. For these purposes, we will establish an action plan with experiential and NFE activities with the employment of various digital tools that will result in engaging events with sensory enhancement on a local and transcultural level and apply art communication/ comprehension practices to larger audiences. In Parallel, we will establish Sustainability practices for cultural creative projects both on the sustainability of productions and ecological impact applied and evaluated through this project’s activities.