MASTERCLASS 10/5/2023 16:00EET/15:00CET ONLINE

“Join us on May 10th, 2023 for a SENSin Masterclass on Lighting Design with Alexandros Politakis, an accomplished lighting designer and stage director. With over a decade of experience in designing lighting for theatre, dance, opera, and concerts across Greece and Europe.

During this Masterclass, Alexandros will share his insights on “Light as a Plastic Medium,” offering a unique perspective on the role of light in design. Drawing on his extensive experience in the field, Alexandros will explore how light can be used to shape space, alter perceptions, and create emotional responses in an audience. He will also discuss his creative process and how he approaches each project to deliver stunning designs.”…/1FAIpQLScXqpCIwT…/viewform


ABR-Alternative Brains RuleΚΕΑΝ-Κύτταρο Εναλλακτικών Αναζητήσεων ΝέωνIbonis Europe

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