Alternative Brains Rule is a Nicosia-based non-profit company. The ABR has been active in the local cultural scene in Cyprus for over 10 years. As an experiential design studio of creatives, it has built a reputation around conceptualising, designing, planning, and managing some of the island’s most innovative events and unforgettable creative/socio-cultural experiences. ABR is widely known for designing and managing award-winning events and experiences such as: The AfroBanana Festival, ABR in LAB, The Wall Gallery, Pride, High & Wet, Ballantine’s True Music Cyprus and Somnus VR platform.

ABR has been involved in a wide range of activities with the main scope of sociocultural productions. The team has a long-standing experience of curating/producing projects with an impact on a national level.

Our aim is with each project to facilitate change, change in perceptions, thinking, in the status quo, and to always reflect our values. We act on a platform of creativity, respect towards culture, human rights, equality, LGBTQ rights, and support towards people with fewer opportunities. We want our projects to be inclusive and sustainable. ABR is a recognized actor in the local scene as part of the Support Cy initiative which involves activism in response to contextual challenges. With the initial support of the Bank of Cyprus, we are now able to curate the project The Wall Gallery on the exterior of the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre as an attempt to raise awareness around cancer, to give some relief to the patients showcasing at the same-time Cypriot creatives. The project is running for 4 years now, having been positively received by both patients and hospital employees.

“The Afro Banana Republic Festival” is a community event. With it, we managed to establish a community of creatives for interdisciplinary expression. With the festival, we rejuvenate abandoned urban or rural areas as part of our creative revolution against complacency and banality. It is an immersive experience for everyone involved. The public has the opportunity to select, explore, and discover, parallel to the music performances and interactive installations, which are located on site, as well as to participate in interactive workshops. The festival “The Afro Banana Republic” was honoured for three consecutive times since 2017 with the EFFE distinction.

KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities was founded in 2004 in Athens, Greece aiming at the development and implementation of humanitarian programs for the protection of the social and physical environment. Its ultimate goal is to upgrade the lives of young people and vulnerable social groups, combat social exclusion and poverty, promote a better-organized society with respect for human rights and the environment, and promote volunteering spirit and familiarity with the new technologies.

. It is a non-profit association, a legally constituted organization founded by natural persons and operating independently of any government and which expressly prohibits the distribution of any profit. It has branches in 3 other Greek cities, 30 paid staff, 40 official members, and around 80 active volunteers.

KEAN is an organization with a long-standing experience in the fields of social inclusion and integration of ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees, the disabled, and members of marginalized groups of all ages. We’ve worked on several projects concerning the prevention of discrimination, social exclusion, and isolation, interculturality, and equality among children, youth, and adults. KEAN is the body responsible for the “Diversity Charter” in Greece and fights for an inclusive labor market through training, awareness-raising activities, and consultations with the world of work. It runs hosting structures for unaccompanied Minors & Adults and provides a series of educational, empowering, recreational, and cultural activities for its beneficiaries.

Preservation of culture, exchange of cultural aspects, and protection of our cultural heritage are at the core of KEAN’S activities. European values, history, and heritage are also fields of its interest, and the organization implements a series of projects, activities, and workshops to attract attention to these issues and create a relevant impact in European societies. It frequently organizes conferences on cultural topics with the participation of different actors and it runs a web radio.

Overall, iBonis European Research Projects S.L. is a small company that focuses on four areas, Digital Transformation, Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals), Society and Health. iBonis has always had a specific interest on Mental Health linked through research and innovation. We try to develop technological solutions focused on the well-being of individuals through data analysis on the social and health habits of population sectors. Based in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a city near Barcelona (Spain), the main objectives of the company are the creation of technological tools that help to encourage European and international societies through a divulgation and promotion of the welfare and development of individuals. For this reason, it offers to the social actors, learning resources, and managers of knowledge on mental health matters, mental wellness, personal promotion, and how to adapt their activities to achieve the SDGs. On the other hand, the company is aligned with several programs promoted by the European Union particularly, Erasmus+, AMIF, Green Deal, inclusive, innovative, and reflective societies, Health, demographic change and wellbeing, and science with and for society. With the arrival of the new Horizon Europe programs, iBonis European Research Projects is involved within the clusters:

  • Health
  • Culture, creativity, and inclusive society
  • Civil Security for Society
  • Digital, Industry, and Space
  • Climate, Energy, and Mobility
  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment.

iBonis’s team is made up of experienced specialists in areas such as information technology, ethical tech, physics, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, sociology, and university research collaborators as well. iBonis is aware that there are new challenges that may appear by society in general and more particularly in Europe, about new threats that affect the mental health of the most vulnerable individuals such as adolescents, elderly people, refugees, or people at risk of exclusion and due pandemic European citizens in general as well. We research new lines of early detection of these threats and the development of resources to get to know them better.

Finally, iBonis knows the significance of transferring knowledge and collaboration in research and development with other SMEs, non-profit organizations, research, and technological organizations, think tank on healthcare, educational organizations, etc. Hence iBonis European Research Projects S.L. is a partner of several clusters and technological networks like NDSAN, EHMA, Net4Society, or EEN.