SENSIN Residency Programme

As part of the SENSin project, we will bring artists together to create an installation with a focus on sensory enhancement for all participants, taking into account the inclusion of audiences with sensory disabilities. By focusing on holistic sensory experiences, we want to transform the way cultural events are conducted. Working towards a more human-centered and inclusive approach for the creative sector. While signaling a better understanding of the interconnection of body and mind through sensory enhancement.
We invite artists based in GREECE, who explore with their creative work the perspectives of the senses GLOBAL, VISION, VISION (LIGHT), HEARING (SOUND), PHYSICS (Matter/Materials).
Are you looking for new creative challenges and new opportunities for transnational cooperation? Then apply for the SENSin Residency Programme.
The selected artists will take part in this project contributing through a co-production process to the final installation of the project which will take place in Cyprus in July 2023.
To apply, please send a document with the following information to
A short curriculum vitae (or your CV)
A short text about your motivation and your previous experience on the subject
Links to digital portfolios or blogs showcasing your work (This may include social media pages)
A short project idea (can be a short paragraph describing the idea and the resources that could be used, can be based on a previous project or a new topic you would like to work on, always relevant to the project idea).
The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2023.
*For the residency, accommodation, transport, and living expenses are covered + a fee for your work on the project which includes the online meetings, the process, and your work in Cyprus.

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